Obey Sandwitchery Launches Inside Rebel Restaurant

From Ukrainian pierogies with a twist—including Kimchi and Barbecue Chicken with a Palisade peach sauce—to a rotating, whole roasted animal head entrée, Rebel Restaurant {3763 Wynkoop Street, Denver; 303.297.3902} knows how to challenge your taste buds. For a little over two years, the quaint New American eatery has introduced the RiNo crowd to global, inventive eats on the corner of 38th and Wynkoop. Imparting their eclectic-style to the midday crowd, the team from Rebel Restaurant launched a lunchtime menu of seriously stacked sandwiches with Obey Sandwitchery.

Natives of New Jersey, Chef/Owners Dan Lasiy and Bo Portyko launched the sandwich shop as a way to fill a much-needed deli niche in Denver. “When it comes to sandwich shops in Denver, either you find the same thing at each place or its high-priced bougie sandwiches,” says Lasiy. So he decided to impart his take on East Coast-style sandwiches “as bomb as I can make them.” The walk up window features six sandwiches, moderately priced from 9 to 11 dollars with two salad options and sides to boot. Guests can take these sammies on the go or take a minute to park on the patio.

obey sandwitchery
Kimchi Cheese Steak

The concept pulls from Lasiy’s expansive career from manning a food truck to recalling his childhood favorites: “Aside from wanting to do sandwiches—because they are my favorite thing to eat—the menu reflects a collection of life stories. The cheesesteak comes from a truck that I worked on while the Chicken Parm is a shout out to Gloria, who makes the best Chicken Parmesan back home.”

The sandwitchery (note, not sandwichery) conjures up some of that black magic from Rebel Restaurant like the Kimchi Cheese Steak with shaved beef and tangy kimchi as well as the baked Chicken Parm aka “The Glo”. Vegetarian eaters can find refuge as well with the Smoked Tofu and Hazel Dell Mushroom Cheese “Steak”.

But, there are rules to follow. Implied by the name, the restaurant politely declines any substitutions or changes to their sandwiches. Simply put, obey the sandwich.

Obey Sandwitchery is open Monday-Friday from 11am-2pm. 

Morgan Carter, Editor

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