Welcome to Dairy Block

Dairy Block | Photo courtesy of Brent Andeck

Welcome to Dairy Block — Featured in the Winter/Spring 2018 of Denver/Boulder

Over the past few years, downtown Denver has continued to evolve into a new kind of dining destination. It seems our fair city has finally shed its cow town persona. One of the things that differentiates us amidst all the rapid growth is our commitment to preserving history. In Denver, what’s old, it seems, is new again, so visitors and locals alike can venture through the past and explore downtown in a whole new light. This coming spring marks another milestone in the city’s history as a massive development project combining retail, hospitality, and local tastemakers will be on display—all of it centered around the city’s first activated alley. Welcome to Dairy Block.

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Naked Yoga Streaks Into Denver

When it comes to teaching yoga, Denver studios know how to mix it up. Local breweries hold monthly yoga classes complete with complimentary post-session libations. Students can downward dog to upbeat tunes at classes like “Namas-Bey” and “Rihann-Asana” guided by Kady Lafferty of Big Booty Yoga. Even 420 enthusiasts can find their inner peace with pot-friendly yoga classes. But for those who want to truly lay it on the mat – bare butt and all – there’s now nude yoga at Release Studio.

Posted on Westword Denver, December 28 2017

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Lon Symensma to Open Kaya Asian Cafe and LeRoux

Photo courtesy of Semple Brown

Commandeering the corner of Pearl Street with Sushi Den, Izakaya Den, and OTOTO, it is safe to say the block belongs to the Kizaki brothers, Toshi and Yasu Kizaki. Jennifer Jasinski dominates Larimer Square with rioja, Euclid Hall, and Bistro Vendôme. Soon, Chef/Restaurateur Lon Symensma will claim the historic SugarCube Building as his own, introducing Kaya Asian Cafe and LeRoux.

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Where to Eat Now: The Bindery

Photo by Morgan Carter

Denver’s food market trend is here to stay. Adding to the likes of The Source, Denver Central Market, and The Preservery, this past weekend we welcomed the Highlands newest marketplace, The Bindery {1817 Central Street, Denver; 303.993.2364}. The expansive 4,000-square foot space truly has it all, functioning as an artisan cafe, bakery, bar, and a sit-down, and an upscale dining experience.

With over 15 years under her belt, Owner/Chef Linda Hampsten Fox boasts an impressive resume, hosting culinary classes in Italy, apprenticing with chefs in France and Switzerland, and has even cooked for notable luminaries including Nancy Pelosi and Jane Goodall. Collaborating in the kitchen, Hampsten Fox has brought on Executive Chef Jake Riley, who helped open Boulder’s Pasta Vino.

The Bindery—the name which pays homage to the many bookbinding and printing factories—serves as an all-day eatery, all of which Chef Hampsten Fox oversees. To see all the inner workings of the concept, all you have to do is walk through the door where you’ll find the chefs working away inside the exhibition kitchen complete with a wood-fired oven. The minimalistic space, outfitted with recycled stone floors and an 18-foot tall ceiling, houses an upscale dining hall featuring an intimate four top chef’s table and a full bar. Given the ample space, Hampsten Fox hopes to implement special events as well as corporate catering right out of the kitchen.

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5 Restaurant Openings to Put on Your List

Photo by Morgan Carter

From the flames, Tavernetta rises again. The Italian concept dreamt up by Master Sommelier Bobby Stuckey, chef Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson, and Peter Hoglund was only open for a few days before an unexpected kitchen fire shuttered the restaurant. After two months of waiting, the restaurant will reopen this Thursday, November 9 starting at 11am. Tavernetta draws inspiration from Italy’s multitude of osterias and cafes. Executive Chef Ian Wortham—who traveled extensively through Italy—has crafted a menu to include housemade pasta, build your own charcuterie boards, plus shareable dishes including Fritto Misto (fried prawns) and Crudi Misti (raw seafood platter).

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Peteybird Flies into RiNo

Photo courtesy of Kayla Jones (@1000thingstodoindenver)

Peter Bredemann has always had a thing for dessert. His personal vice? The ice cream sandwich. However, after years of noshing on this classic treat, Bredemann was quite frankly, unimpressed. “Since the invention of the ice cream sandwich, there haven’t been any changes,” says Bredemann. “There are no unique flavor combinations, no craftsmanship, and more often than not, it always ends up in a mess.” Following his own personal mantra—If you can’t eat with your hands, it’s not a sandwich—Bredemann took it upon himself to craft the perfect ice cream sandwich. After countless tastings, he left his engineering job in 2013 to pursue his ice cold passion, thus creating peteybird.

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The Art of Beekeeping with Chris Starkus of Urban Farmer

Chris Starkus

Every week, Executive Chef Chris Starkus of Urban Farmer {1659 Wazee Street, Denver; 303.262.6070} makes a trip up to the rooftop of the Oxford Hotel. Pushing his way through the double doors to the kitchen, weaving past the prep counter and dish pit, Starkus makes his way to the freight elevator. While steadily climbing to the rooftop, Starkus suits up in a puffed, white beekeeping jacket, carefully slipping on matching white gloves. The elevator jolts to a halt and Starkus darts through the attic—bypassing various boxes of Christmas supplies and other various knickknacks—climbing a few stairs that give way to the rooftop at the Oxford Hotel. In view of the downtown Denver skyline, three beehives hum quietly (for the moment) against the brick wall of the building. Starkus methodically pries off the wooden top of the box, giving way to the hive of bees within.

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Where to Find Cheap (and Free!) Breakfast Burritos for Breakfast Burrito Day

Nothing cures morning hunger quite like the breakfast burrito. Filled to the brim with eggs, potatoes, bacon, and savory green chili bundled in a warm tortilla, the breakfast burrito easily satiates any craving and may be the leading cure to the morning hangover (at least we’d like to think so). Mayor Michael Hancock agrees with us as he recently declared the second Saturday of every October to be Breakfast Burrito Day. Celebrate our favorite tinfoil wrapped breakfast with cheap (and free!) breakfast burritos this Saturday, October 14 at the following locations.

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